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How to Successfully Release a Fish

Many lakes, including Burntwood Lake, participate in catch and release fishing programs. While catching a fish is typically straightforward, the releasing part of fishing may be difficult for those who are new to the sport. To practice successful catch and release, follow these steps: When handling a fish, wet your hands or put on rubberized… Read more »

Go Fish! Take Your Children Fishing

Have you been contemplating whether or not you should go on a fishing trip with your children? After reading about the benefits your children can gain from some good ole’ fishing, you’ll find yourself booking a trip with us sooner rather than later. Fishing isn’t just a way to pass the time; it can increase… Read more »

The Importance of Getting Fresh Air

Some industrial cities are so polluted that you’ll have a hard time finding fresh air there. Then there’s the infamous “sick building syndrome,” whereas office workers get headaches and have all sorts of respiratory problems because the building they work in is so poorly ventilated. Getting fresh air into your lungs is important for your… Read more »

The Health Benefits of Eating Fish

Near Burntwood Lake Lodge there are over 1000 miles of pristine shoreline. Located in the Canadian wilderness in a remote part of Manitoba, Burntwood Lake Lodge is the place to stay when you want to go fishing for Walleye and Trophy Pike. If you like to fish, and you like to eat fish, you’ll be… Read more »

When To Start Booking Your Summer Fishing Trip In Manitoba

Fishing Trip In Manitoba

Who doesn’t love to go on a fishing trip with the family or just the guys? We know that this activity is so relaxing and so many people can’t wait till the season begins each year. It is important for everyone to know the times that the season begins and when you should reserve your… Read more »

Year Round Fishing Conditions

Year Round Fishing Conditions

Fishing is one of few outdoor sports that you can engage in year round. With the exception of winter where you will ice fish, in all three others seasons of the year, you can fish from a boat or side of a stream, river or lake. The success of your fishing depends on the type… Read more »

A Fishing Trip Checklist

Is there anything better than a fishing trip?  A fishing trip provides the ultimate escape, as few things are more relaxing, enjoyable and memorable than traveling to fish with your friends and/or relatives.  Countless fishermen choose to go to a new place every year, seeking a new adventure and challenge.  Others like to stick to… Read more »

What Exactly Do You Need To Enter Canada?

In summer of 2009, U.S. laws changed to stricken the requirements for entering our neighboring country, Canada. Ever since then, there has been confusion and speculation as to what you need to enter and exit Canada. Documents Age, transportation, and motive all affect which documents you will need. Customs officers are entitled to refuse entry… Read more »

Being Prepared to Hunt

With hunting season in full swing, it is important not to overlook the basics. Before you head out on your hunting trip, look over the 2012 Manitoba Hunting Guide for some important information about rules, regulations and guidelines for the hunting season. In the guide, you will find a wide range of information from changes… Read more »