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What to Pack For a Hunting Trip

Fall is the perfect time of year for hunting bears and moose. Conditions at this time of year are ideal, as the animals are out scavenging in preparation for winter, and temperatures are generally mild and pleasant. But without proper packing, your perfect hunting day could still go awry. So what should you take with… Read more »

Ways to Judge the Age of a Black Bear

Campers, hunters and wilderness lovers alike have probably encountered a black bear or two in their day. Unlike animals like deer, it’s often difficult to discern a black bear’s age—which can make hunting them tricky. Here are some tips on how to tell the age of the next black bear you encounter: Bass Pro suggests… Read more »

Flying Moose in Northern Manitoba

Hello to all of you moose hunters!  Ever wonder if there’s a more efficient way to transport a bull moose from the kill site to Burntwood Lake Lodge?  Here at BWL we like to make this step as easy as possible by using one of our Robinson 44 helicopters to sling the moose out.  By using this method of… Read more »

Cool Facts about Black Bear & Tips for Hunting

    Last spring, we highlighted the enthusiasm for hunting black bear during spring in Manitoba, and to celebrate a nice entry to spring, we’re highlighting interesting facts about black bear, and tips for hunting them!   Five Cool Facts about Black Bear 1. A Black Bear has a sense of smell that is over… Read more »

Advice for Spring Walleye Fishing in Manitoba, Canada

  Fishing for Walleye in Spring     Right now, in very early spring, is the best time to find and catch trophy size walleye in Manitoba, Canada. It is one of the most productive seasons because many walleye spawn and hunt for food in early spring.   Catching elusive fish like the walleye is… Read more »

Moose season is finally here!

Are you searching for the perfect big game hunting expedition embark on this fall?  If so, you should visit Burntwood Lake Lodge, the preeminent hunting destination in Manitoba.  Our always popular guided moose hunts are now back, as moose season runs from September 23rd through October 7th!   One of the most unique characteristics of… Read more »