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How to Successfully Release a Fish

Many lakes, including Burntwood Lake, participate in catch and release fishing programs. While catching a fish is typically straightforward, the releasing part of fishing may be difficult for those who are new to the sport. To practice successful catch and release, follow these steps: When handling a fish, wet your hands or put on rubberized… Read more »

The Benefits of Fishing With a Professional Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman, or out to visit the lake for the weekend, a professional fishing guide is always a good thing to bring along on your fishing trip! Fishing is a wonderful pastime, but for a lot of people, even those who have fished often before, all of the equipment you need to… Read more »

2016 Fishing Gear Guide

2016 Fishing Gear Guide

We have our trustworthy fishing gear that we can’t ever think of replacing, but with new technology these days, the equipment is easier to use, more efficient, and offer great fishing success. Fishing season 2016 is well under way. While we hope you have had much fishing success so far, just in case you haven’t… Read more »

No One Is Perfect: 3 Common Fishing Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

3 Common Fishing Mistakes

It’s no secret that every angler enjoys their time out on the water. But sometimes no matter what they do, they end up empty handed. This can leave many of them scratching their head wondering if they did something to diminish their success. The truth is, there are very common mistakes that many fisherman or… Read more »