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What to Pack For a Hunting Trip

Fall is the perfect time of year for hunting bears and moose. Conditions at this time of year are ideal, as the animals are out scavenging in preparation for winter, and temperatures are generally mild and pleasant. But without proper packing, your perfect hunting day could still go awry. So what should you take with… Read more »

Reserve Your Trip Now – It’s Almost Bear Hunting Season!

Reserve Your Trip Now - It’s Almost Bear Hunting Season!

Calling all bear hunters: are you prepared for this season’s hunt? If you haven’t booked your trip yet, it’s time to get going! Pretty soon it’ll be too late to make a trip happen for this season, and there are tons of activities and great hunt opportunities here at Burntwood Lake Lodge that you definitely… Read more »

Prepare For Your Hunting Trips Early

When you plan a hunting trip, you cannot afford to forget a few key pieces of hunting gear. This is why hunting checklists are popular and crucial. Realizing that you have to take a long drive back to retrieve a forgotten hunting license can ruin any good hunt, and a checklist can help you avoid… Read more »

Cool Facts about Black Bear & Tips for Hunting

    Last spring, we highlighted the enthusiasm for hunting black bear during spring in Manitoba, and to celebrate a nice entry to spring, we’re highlighting interesting facts about black bear, and tips for hunting them!   Five Cool Facts about Black Bear 1. A Black Bear has a sense of smell that is over… Read more »