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Interesting Facts About the Bull Moose

North America is home to large concentrations of bull moose, and they attract wilderness lovers because of their massive size and interesting traits. Bull moose are actually docile and predictable creatures, making them a top pick for hunters in the Burntwood Lake area. Appearance One distinct feature on a moose is the bell, which is… Read more »

Reasons To Go Black Bear Hunting

Bear hunting is one of the most exhilarating experiences a hunter can engage in, especially black bear hunting. Why? Well, each hunter has his or her own reasons for seeking the game they do, but it’s safe to say hunting for black bears is an adrenaline rush unlike any other. In addition to the unrivaled… Read more »

Cooking Bear Meat

One of the most common questions about bear is: “Can I eat it?” Of course! It’s perfectly delicious and safe, if not unusual. Experienced hunters may even tell you that it’s a finer meat. Bear meat was a staple of the frontier explorers, and since the bear hunting season has been elongated by many U.S…. Read more »

Prepare For Your Hunting Trips Early

When you plan a hunting trip, you cannot afford to forget a few key pieces of hunting gear. This is why hunting checklists are popular and crucial. Realizing that you have to take a long drive back to retrieve a forgotten hunting license can ruin any good hunt, and a checklist can help you avoid… Read more »

Cool Facts about Black Bear & Tips for Hunting

    Last spring, we highlighted the enthusiasm for hunting black bear during spring in Manitoba, and to celebrate a nice entry to spring, we’re highlighting interesting facts about black bear, and tips for hunting them!   Five Cool Facts about Black Bear 1. A Black Bear has a sense of smell that is over… Read more »

Moose season is finally here!

Are you searching for the perfect big game hunting expedition embark on this fall?  If so, you should visit Burntwood Lake Lodge, the preeminent hunting destination in Manitoba.  Our always popular guided moose hunts are now back, as moose season runs from September 23rd through October 7th!   One of the most unique characteristics of… Read more »